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Catholic Sports Radio host Bruce Wawrzyniak and Aaron Guyett on Leaders of Leaders Podcast

March 06, 2023 Aaron Guyett & Bruce Wawrzyniak Season 1 Episode 19
Leaders of Leaders Podcast
Catholic Sports Radio host Bruce Wawrzyniak and Aaron Guyett on Leaders of Leaders Podcast
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Show Notes

Bruce Wawrzyniak is a publicist, speaker, broadcaster, blogger, and author, and has been podcasting since February 2014 – having hosted/recorded more than 700 episodes over that time.  Over his professional career he has worked for a National Hockey League team as well as in the Olympic Movement, plus as the VP/Public Relations at a league office.  He runs his own agency, called Now Hear This, which provides publicist services to clients throughout the U.S.  He even somehow manages to serve as a broadcaster on University of Tampa softball and men’s and women’s lacrosse broadcasts.

From Bruce:
Among the podcasts I currently host/produce (there are actually three!), “Catholic Sports Radio” has an amazing story of how it started.  Here is a video explaining me hearing my calling while on a river boat in Brazil during a business trip – yes, on the Amazon River.  https://youtu.be/ArzifdonVTo

The “why” behind doing this show every week since February 2019 – getting no income from it and having no sponsors – is to draw more people deeper in their faith, even if it takes the mix of faith and sports to do so.

I don’t report scores or talk about wins and losses or statistics.  Rather, I interview guests who are Catholics in sports – current or former athletes, coaches, referees/umpires, clergy, administrators, and more, from the pro, amateur, and scholastic ranks – about the intersection of their faith life and their sports life.

Sports are great and there are a lot of terrific benefits to sport (teamwork, physical fitness, good sportsmanship) and it’s okay to want to strive for that pro contract.  BUT, we worship God, and God alone.  We don’t worship sport.

Too often sports can become our religion.

As a current National Hockey League player told me on an early episode of the show, “If we’re lucky – if we’re lucky – we get to play, say, into our age 30s, so, maybe we have our pro career for ten years.  But we have our faith for our whole life.”

My show allows listeners to hear the human side of people that we otherwise are tempted to put on a pedestal – the times of adversity in their life, meaning, when they faced something that was anything but glamorous.  Guests have included actor Mark Wahlberg, TV personality Mario Lopez, auto racing icon Mario Andretti, college football coaching legend Lou Holtz, and many more.

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