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Mitchell Andersen talks Attributes of Manhood on Leaders of Leaders with Aaron Guyett

February 13, 2023 Aaron Guyett Season 1 Episode 22
Leaders of Leaders Podcast
Mitchell Andersen talks Attributes of Manhood on Leaders of Leaders with Aaron Guyett
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Show Notes

It was great to interview Mitchell Andersen, and help bring his Christ-led passion to light. As a husband and father of three boys and a girl on the way, he speaks with unapologetic hope in the Kingdom of God, and I think you will enjoy the show!

In our society, men have lost their way. We no longer have role models showing us what to look like or how to act. Men have exchanged toxic masculinity for weak-kneed, spineless robots who are afraid of their shadows. Neither of these was ever supposed to be a part of man's original design. Culture tells men to look deep inside themselves for their truth. Sadly, once they do, they find that they are lacking. Men see what is necessary to thrive in manhood but realize they possess none of the tools required to fulfill this responsibility.

Attributes of Manhood: Stones that Build the Foundation to Weather Any Storm

This book aims to invite men to wrestle with five key attributes pulled from the Word of God pertinent for men to assume their rightful place once again in society and, more importantly, in the home. We need to unlock the strength hidden deep within men because the weight of the world is far too great for women, or children, to carry alone. For men to accomplish their original design, we need the Spirit of God to empower us and contend for us. I hope this book inspires the men of this generation to unleash the power of Jesus Christ in their lives to overcome their basest urges and give glory back to their Designer.

I am happy to be a part of a movement to call men back from their scared shadows of isolation and emasculation. This book marches toward strength in God through Christ's redemptive and redirecting work on the cross, as well as gives credit to the greek thinkers that helped pave a way to understand this process called life and purpose and meaning.

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